Man caught posting “B****cks to Brexit” stickers warned he could face court

B****cks to Brexit stickers, like this one in All Saints Lane, have been appearing across Canterbury

A man caught putting “B****cks to Brexit” stickers on buildings around Canterbury has been issued with a warning.

City council officials spoke to the man and told him he could face court action for defacing property.

They warned him that fly-posting is an offence regardless of the message it is being used to promote.

Fines for littering on city streets poised to double

More freezing weather on the way for Canterbury this weekend

City council spokesman Rob Davies said: “We received information from a member of the public about stickers relating to Brexit being stuck on various signs and structures in Canterbury.

“Officers investigated and an individual was issued with a community protection warning, instructing them to cease this activity immediately or else face a fine or court.

B****cks to Brexit stickers in All Saints Lane

“​Putting up stickers or posters on posts, walls or other street furniture is the offence of flyposting.

“We appreciate that people in the community have political viewpoints but flyposting is an offence​,​ whatever the cause being promoted or event being advertised​,​ and campaigners need to be aware of this.​”

At the start of the month anti-Brexit campaigners staged a rally and march around Canterbury.

Many of them wore “B****cks to Brexit” stickers on their clothing. It is not known whether the man warned by council has anything to do with them.

Writing on the Canterbury Grot-Spots page on Facebook, Cllr Terry Westgate of St Stephen’s said he had started to remove the stickers. He said: “Apart from the crude wording it is also illegal fly posting.”

In response Paul Johnson said: “I don’t mind these. There’s always been political stickers like these. At least it has meaning rather than a simplistic graffiti tag.”

Anti-Brexit stickers have been put up in the city

This week it emerged that House of Commons speaker John Bercow had been displaying a “B****cks to Brexit” sticker in his car.

Writer Tom Goodenough accused him of demeaning his office. He said: “The speaker is supposed to be impartial, and nowhere is this more important than on an issue as divisive as Brexit.

“Parliament has, and will continue to come under, intense scrutiny as it votes on key legislation in the Brexit process.

“Any whiff of suggestion that the Commons Speaker is opposed to Brexit will make the job of MPs much harder.

“It will also inevitably wind up those who accuse Parliament of trying to block Brexit.”


  1. Brexit is set to bankrupt our economy which is already in a parlous state. Putting up a few stickers is a small protest against complete madness.

  2. Can we have the man’s name so he can be nominated for the #EUSuperHeroes award which is happening on 29th March – anniversary of Article 50 – and also @EUSupergirl’s birthday?

  3. The council could risk an “I’m Sparticus” situation if they chase this up. There’s a large, growing number of people who feel it’s their civic duty to say b*llocks to Brexit.

  4. I thought the one he put on the Samaritans sign at Tonford lane railway foot crossing particularly insensitive bearing in mind the amount of people who have lost their lives there. Needless to say I took it off.

    • Yes, perhaps a little insensitive. But how about the sensitivities and lives of a million Brits living in Europe and three million Europeans living in the UK? All of whom have had their lives thrown into turmoil. Would I dare to be insensitive and ask how many of those have contemplated taking their lives?

    • Totally over sensationalised and I can’t believe that you’re comparing the two. I’m actually speechless. Oh and by the way I voted remain. The process was a democratic one.

  5. Brexit means:
    1 in 7 EU firms moving business out of UK.
    1 in 4 UK companies cutting workers to meet Brexit costs.
    22% UK companies having trouble securing contracts.
    Brexit cost each household on average £400 in the year after the referendum.
    Real wages significantly cut by brexit inflation.
    UK was fastest growing country in the G7 before the referendum, now the slowest.
    The government’s brexit impact assessments show that annual borrowing will be between £20bn and £80bn higher by the early 2030s. Compare that to our £8bn net contribution to the EU which gives us full access to the single market, science partnership, diplomatic support, freedom to work, study and live throughout the EU…

    It’s not a done deal #StopBrexit

  6. Excellent post. One thing to add – the real vandalism here is not someone sticking labels up here and there but the malicious damage inflicted on our culture, our influence in the world and economy – in the name of what? A nation-state concept that is no longer relevant? Or do you just not like foreigners? If you truly love your country, wake up. Cambridge Analytica played you.

  7. Looking at the arrogant, blinkered, entitled comments of Remoaners here, it’s no wonder that a majority of the nation voted Leave, and that a far bigger majority doesn’t want a second referendum.

  8. It’s not only Brexit that’s bollocks: so is this story. If it were true, the “offender”’s name would be included.


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