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Would you like to write for the Canterbury Journal? We welcome contributions from anyone who loves the district as much as we do and has something interesting to say about it. The Canterbury Journal isn’t about the editors telling people what to think, it’s about bringing together the best of Canterbury to create a forum that’s reflective of the district we live in and the people who live here.

Needless to say, we have to be selective about what we publish. However, you don’t need to be an established author or award-winning journalist to contribute. We will publish the best articles regardless of who they come from.

If you’d like to ask us anything before you start writing, you can contact us here.

Submit your content using the form below. Please take a moment to read through the guidelines underneath before submitting anything.

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  1. All content must be directly relevant to the Canterbury district or have a strong and exclusive connection to the area. While issues of national importance affect the district, that by itself is not strong enough grounds for inclusion. Articles must have a local angle.
  2. We expect all contributors to respect each other and the residents of the district. We will not accept any contributions that discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, disability, marital status or any other protected characteristic. This does not mean articles concerning these subjects are off-limits, however discussion must be nuanced and respectful.
  3. We do not accept bad language. We follow the NSFW principal (if it’s Not Suitable For Work we won’t publish it).
  4. We do not ask our contributors to be politically neutral. We expect and encourage political debate. However, the following are not permitted:
    • Outright political campaigning
    • Use of party or campaign slogans
    • Specific endorsement of any individual candidates, national or local
  5. We would strongly encourage contributions to examine issues from more than one perspective. It’s more interesting for our readers if articles examine both the pros and cons of any particular argument or suggestion. We discourage dogma and single-mindedness.
  6. Avoid naming individuals unless the person in question is the subject of the story or a high-profile person whose name is synonymous with what they do, such as an MP.
  7. Avoid stories that centre solely on Brexit. Where Brexit is part of another story, mentioning it is unavoidable, but we’re unlikely to print debates on the pros and cons of leaving the EU.
  8. Your writing must be well presented, without grammar or spelling errors. Outgoing links to external websites are not recommended. If you do use a link, it must open in a new tab.
  9. Your work must be free from copyright and original. Duplicate content previously posted elsewhere is not acceptable. New versions of previously published articles are ok as long as there are significant changes and the revised version offers something above and beyond the previous version. Articles published by the Journal may not be republished elsewhere without permission.
  10. Contributions should be supplied with at least one image of sufficient quality to publish. The minimum width of images is 1000px. There is no specific height requirement, but lead images should be landscape and approximately 6:4 ratio. Secondary images are welcome and must be at least 300px wide and landscape or portrait.