City council: We will act on Longmarket parking

Cars parked in the Longmarket

Canterbury City Council says it will take action after drivers started using the Longmarket as a car park.

The message comes after the Canterbury Journal reported that the narrow cobbled street in the pedestrianised part of the city centre was effectively being used as a car park.

Cllr Neil Baker, chairman of the council’s community committee, says parking on the road is “the last thing” people and businesses want.

It is believed the parked cars belong to the owners of local businesses. They have been parked directly in front of the Moss Bros window.

City council spokesman Rob Davies said: “We thank the Canterbury Journal for bringing this to our attention. It’s an issue for us to resolve with the landowner because it shouldn’t be happening.

Cllr Neil Baker

“There are bollards at one end to prevent access, but clearly people are getting in from the High Street end and navigating their way down, in some cases by reversing along a narrow street.

“We’re looking at measures we can put in place to stop this.”

Cllr Baker is urging for action against the parking to take place.

He said: “The city centre is pedestrianised for a reason. Long gone are the days of the A2 running through the city centre.

“And the Longmarket is a great, much-used cobbled street which adds to the heritage appeal of the city. The last thing locals, visitors and businesses want are cars piled along it. It kills the appeal. Worryingly, the vehicles may well be coming from the main street and reversing back, which is hugely risky for pedestrians.

“The sooner the road is made much more friendly for locals and visitors, without worrying about being run over by a car or having to dodge parked cars, the better.”


  1. I own a business in this area. It isn’t just Longmarket – it is Burgate too. I am afraid the council excuse that they needed it bringing to their attention is ridiculous. Myself and other businesses have been emailing the council for a year but receive no replies, or any action.
    Even now they state that cars are driving via the High Street as the bollards restrict access. WRONG! There is a bin next to the bollards at Burgate/ Longmarket. The drivers simply move the bin to get access. I have told the council on the phone, and emailed them but nothing has been done. So why has the bin not been fixed to the ground to prevent access here? Although having said that, it would just result in more cars parking along Burgate. There isn’t meant to be access between 10:30 and 16:00 – why isn’t there a timed bollard like in other cities?


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