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  • Reach an average of 5,500 people a week
  • Talk directly to Canterbury locals
  • Feature in a promo article just about you

Research shows that local residents don’t know enough about shops in Canterbury because they don’t hear from them. Take on Amazon, eBay and online retailers with our exclusive low-cost advertising and reach people who want to be your customers.

Standard prices

Billboard £150
Middle banner £100
Side banner £150

Featured article £200

Package including all of the above £250*

*You can supply your own ads or we can design them for you at a low fee of £20

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Technical specs

Billboard: 970px x 250px
Middle banner: 970px x 250px
Side banner: 570px x 320px
File types accepted: jpg, gif, png
Max file size: 200kb

Terms and conditions

Adverts are guaranteed to be displayed a minimum of 1,000 times but are expected to be shown significantly more. Adverts are served on a rotating basis and you may not see your advert every time you visit the site. Articles about local businesses are written by us, but you have editorial approval. Articles will be shared on our social media and sent to our email distribution list. You may keep adverts designed by us for use on other websites. We reserve the right to reject adverts on grounds of taste, suitability, and legality. We do not permit adverts that promote tobacco, drugs, legal highs, gambling, or that discriminate against any person or business on grounds of protected characteristics such as race, gender, or sexuality.