More freezing weather on the way for Canterbury this weekend

The Dane John Gardens after snow fell earlier this month

Forecasters say temperatures in Canterbury will plummet this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday are both expected to hit below zero and with cloud overhead there is a chance that snow will fall.

It comes just a fortnight after the city was blanketed in snow for more than a week after being hit by freezing temperatures blown over from Russia.

Known as the Beast from the East, the temperature dropped as low as -7C overnight with concern raised about the plight of Canterbury’s rough sleepers.

The first snows fell at the end of February, closing schools and forcing the council’s cleaning contractor Serco to suspend rubbish collections due for health and safety reasons.

A rough sleeper braves the snow in Canterbury

This week, the Met Office issued a severe weather warning for the weekend, with freezing conditions being blown in from Siberia and Scandinavia.

Spokesman Nicky Maxey said: ‘The cold weather is due to return because of high pressure building over Scandinavia, bringing easterly winds from the continent.

“The circumstances are similar to those which brought the Beast from the East but it’s unlikely to be as cold because we’re in the middle of March.

“On Sunday, the chance of snow could be more widespread, extending across the country.

“Temperatures could fall to 3C even in London. Wind chill will make it feel colder.”

A snowman in the Old Tannery development

Long-term meteorological conditions dictate that the United Kingdom is more likely to see snow in March than December.

But the coming weather is unlikely to mirror the prolonged snowy we conditions of earlier this month.

Miss Maxey added: “This is the second belt of air from the east this month, which is in itself unusual.

“But the reason we won’t get it too bad this time round is because we are two weeks further on from the last big falls and are almost at mid-March.

“This means the ground is warmer, daylight hours are longer and sunshine is stronger. These are conditions which are less favourable for big accumulations of snow.”


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