Pro-EU campaigners’ message to Canterbury is “b****cks to Brexit”

Campaigner Sibyl Darrington sports her "B****cks to Brexit" sticker

Waving Union Flags with the yellow stars of European Union studded on them, anti-Brexit campaigners turned out to oppose Britain’s departure from the EU.

Some 40 people braved the rain and cold today (Sunday) to gather at the bandstand in Canterbury’s Dane John Gardens.

Many wore “B****cks to Brexit” stickers as they chanted “what do we want? EU. When do we want it? Now”.

Campaigners shelter under the bandstand today

The event was staged by the Canterbury branch of a group called Pulse of Europe.

Organiser Sabine Voigt said: “I’d like to thank everyone who came out despite the weather.

“Canterbury is a remain city. We want to remain in the European Union, we are the heartbeat of Europe. The problem with Brexit is that it has divided the country.”

After speeches under the bandstand, the group moved off for a short march around the city.

Among those supporting the protest was father-of-two David Edwards, 35. He said: “Brexiteers want to close down the debate, but the need for a strident opposition to Brexit has never been stronger.

“The government is hurtling towards a cliff edge that will cripple our farms and damage the universities.

“It takes people making a stand on cold wet days like today to make a difference – and we will. We aren’t giving up the fight.”

But the group’s activities were met with heckles from one man who shouted “we want Brexit” at them.

And they were not met with sympathy in other quarters.

Part-time surveyor Martin Youngs, 51, said: “Such spectacles are pathetic middle class tantrums by people far too used to getting their own way. They now find themselves clinging on to the EU like some bed-wetting kid who can’t let go of his favourite teddy bear.

“The decision of the 2016 referendum was to leave the EU. Any attempt to overturn the result is a despicable subversion of democracy.”

Pulse of Europe says it intends to hold further rallies throughout the year.




  1. I thought the quote by Martin Young’s was exactly the kind of inane, immature ranting that can only help our cause. Thanks Martin ?

  2. I am 100% in favour of Brexit, just as I was when I voted Leave. If the result of the referendum had gone the other way I would have accepted it, and regarded it as very important to do so in the interests of democracy.

    The fact tha\t Remoaners such as this childish ‘bollocks to Brexit’ sticker campaigner cannot accept the result, and in addition show such contempt for democracy, tells us all we need to know about them.


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