Why vegans will be in for a monthly treat starting this summer

Stalls at this year's Kent Vegan Festival

Organisers of the annual Kent Vegan Festival have unveiled plans for a monthly vegan market in Canterbury.

It will take place on the first Sunday of every month at the North Lane car park with 100% vegan products.

The announcement comes a fortnight after another successful festival, held for the first time at Canterbury College.

Organiser Jo Kidd said: “This year’s Kent Vegan Festival was the biggest success yet.

“That’s why are excited to announce the launch of our new monthly vegan market.

“It will be an ethical, eco, vegan market, with the aim of having the lowest negative impact possible and of demonstrating how humans are inextricably part of nature, not separate to it.”

The market will first take place on Sunday, July 1.


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