Work continues apace to strengthen Bay’s sea defence

A ship delivers the boulders to be placed on the coast at Herne Bay

Sea defences at Herne Bay are being strengthened in a £2.8 million project.

Canterbury City Council is installing 24 timber groynes on the beach with 13 of them going in near the King’s Hall and 11 at Lane End.

Upgrades include promenade repairs, handrail refurbishment and beach recycling. 

The scheme is also seeing additional rock protection being placed between the King’s Hall pumping station and Herne Bay Sailing Club.

It involved the delivery by barge of huge granite boulders.

The sea defence work taking place at Herne Bay

Hundreds of rock boulders, each weighing between one and three tonnes, were offloaded using excavators mounted on the barge, as crowds watched from the slopes and the King’s Hall roof.

Cllr Neil Baker, the council’s community chairman, said: “It’s not every day that you see huge chunks of rock being thrown off a barge into the sea, so all those people who came along got to witness something pretty special.

“We’re making good progress on the project and this was a significant moment.

“We’re very proud of the work of our engineering team, both locally and further afield.

“Our award-winning staff have been involved in schemes from Medway to Eastbourne over the last few years and are now considered to be leading lights in the field of coastal engineering.”


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