Five Guys review: £11 for burger and fries better be worth it

A busy Five Guys on Monday night

After a few beers with the lads on Monday night (well, a few beers on my own in a pub with other men in it), I checked into Five Guys in St Peter’s Street.

Canterbury’s newest burger joint opened its doors on Monday after much hype about its arrival in the city – and warnings that it’s bloody pricey.

I’d walked past at lunchtime and noticed it had the expected opening day buzz. By the time I returned in the evening it was heaving.

A sea of sweaty bodies in red t-shirts were ferociously knocking out burger and fries while every table had people gorging on this Yankee import which has somehow gone from cheap and cheerful to costly and quality.

I went for a cheeseburger with all the toppings and small fries.

Five Guys did a roaring trade on day one

It’s £11 without a drink, an unnecessary extra since I’d be scoffing it at home rather than in the brightly lit restaurant where anyone would be able see the smears of ketchup on my face and the grease drips on my trackie bottoms.

The good news is that the small fries aren’t that small. In fact, I couldn’t finish them.

The even better news is that you get two patties in the burger. And the best news of all is that it was bloody good.

Juicy, tasty and perfectly complemented by the toppings.

What’s more, there didn’t appear to be any of those first day teething problems that some places experience, meaning that the company has a tried and tested method for training and organising staff.

Overall, it’s twice as good as McDonald’s for twice the price.

But that still leaves a question: Is £11 for cheeseburger and fries worth it? Yes. Just.


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