Students will get video lessons in how to cross the Ring Road

Pedestrians have been seen walking over the Ring Road

Concern is growing about students and other young people walking over the Ring Road instead of using underpasses.

Students have been seen coming out of the accommodation on Rhodaus Town next to Augustine House and scaling the fence in the centre of the busy dual carriageway as they make their way across it.

The issue has prompted Canterbury City Council’s community safety unit to make a film about safe crossing.

It will be shown at venues popular with students at the start of the next academic year.

David Kemsley, the vice-chairman of the Oaten Hill and South Canterbury Association, is among those concerned about dangerous crossings.

He said: “The other day two young people, headphones plugged in and completely oblivious to their surroundings, emerged from the student accommodation next to Augustine House and attempted to climb over the barrier and casually saunter across the dual carriageway.

“In doing so, they not only put themselves in great danger, but could have caused an accident involving drivers or cyclists.

“They have also been seen to do this in dark when they will are difficult to see.”

Pedestrians going to the city centre are supposed to use the crossing outside the police station and then take the underpass beneath the Riding Gate Roundabout or go to the one under the St George’s Roundabout further on.

Canterbury City Council says it is aware of the issue.

“We share Mr Kemsley’s concerns about the safety of students crossing the ring road at this location,” spokesman Rob Davies told the Canterbury Journal today.

“Our community safety unit has commissioned a film to highlight this and filming has already taken place in the underpasses and our CCTV control room.

“It will be finished off in the next few weeks and will be ready to promote widely at the start of the new university year.

“One late night venue has already agreed to show it on screens in their premises and we’ll be approaching others in the weeks to come.”



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