Cafe owner’s despair at police no show after break-in

Dan Grimwood outside The Refectory

When Dan Grimwood’s popular Refectory cafe was broken into, he had hoped police would be quickly on the case.

But to his despair officers had still not visited his St Dunstan’s Street premises five days after the burglary to gather evidence.

The 39-year-old has cctv footage of two men wandering around the cafe between 4.30am and 5am on Friday.

He says they arrived by car and a third man stood in the road as a lookout.

“I’m no moaner, but it’s frustrating that nothing seems to be happening in terms of the investigation,” he told The Canterbury Journal yesterday (Wednesday).

“Over the last year or so there have been a number of these types of incidents in this area and up in St Peter’s Street.

“I really hope they get caught as I don’t want this happening to other businesses.”

The break-in happened just hours after police dealt with the shooting of a man in Thanington.

Despite causing damage estimated at around £200 to the cafe including the front door, nothing was actually taken during the burglary.

Dan, who has run the businesses since 2003, added: “I appreciate it didn’t cost that much and I know that police stretched, but it would have been nice to have seen a physical policeman here.

“Even a five-minute chat would have been enough especially as I have phoned the police twice and explained about the camera footage.”

After an approach from the Canterbury Journal, Kent Police confirmed that they are investigating a reported burglary at a business in St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury, between 4.30am and 5am on Friday, July 20.

Spokesman Steve Knight said: “Officers have made contact with the victim and are carrying out enquiries into the incident including a review of all available CCTV footage.”

Anyone with information is urged to call 01843 222289 quoting reference ZY/42008/18.


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