Labour’s hard left draws knives as Duffield faces formal censure

Canterbury and Whitstable Labour MP Rosie Duffield

Only a year after she was elected the constituency’s first ever female member of parliament, hard line left wingers are moving to formally censure Rosie Duffield over her involvement with pro-Israeli groups.

The controversial action follows Ms Duffield joining a demonstration in Parliament Square over alleged racism within the Party.

An extraordinary meeting will be held in St Paul’s Parish Hall on Wednesday. Attendees will debate a motion signed by a number of disgruntled pro-Palestinian Labour supporters.

The motion reads: “We have observed the words and conduct of our Labour MP, Rosie Duffield, and we are dissatisfied at her decision to involve herself with groups and organisations that are campaigning to damage our Party, as well as impede its efforts to ensure the right to criticise crimes committed by the state of Israel.

“We are particularly concerned that Rosie chose to show her support for these parties at a demonstration organised to groundlessly accuse the Party of systematic antisemitism. She compounded this conduct by carelessly appearing to threaten the leader at a meeting of an organisation which, though affiliated with the Labour Party, does not at all times share its priorities.

With regret, this CLP censures Rosie Duffield for this conduct. We also urge her to consult with and seek guidance from the democratically elected officers of the Canterbury Constituency Labour Party on issues of this level of contention. On matters of political sensitivity the democratic support of this CLP will clearly strengthen her position in dealing with others.”

The meeting on Wednesday is strictly for Labour members only and attendees are being asked to provide party identification.

Conservative leader of Canterbury council Simon Cook said: “Rosie and I agree about very little, but I’m impressed by her willingness to stick her head above the parapet.

“She has called out those who have moved beyond reasonable criticism of Israel to more vitriolic attacks that are something much more unpleasant.

“I salute her bravery.”

For several months Jeremy Corbyn has come under intense scrutiny over his links to pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli groups. In particular the Labour Party has come under fierce criticism over its delay in adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.

In an apparent criticism of Labour leadership, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby praised Labour MPs saying it was “excellent” they had now voted to “accept the definition without riders or caveats of any kind”.

Rosie Duffield’s office has been approached for comment.


  1. I resent the suggestion that the Labour members refered to here are “hard left”. I know many of them, they are ordinary labour members who feel let down that Rosie chose to join Norman Tebbitt, Savid Javid, Ian Paisley and others in an “Anti-Corbyn” demo as it was discribed in this publication at the time.
    Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn is the elected leader of the Labour party, Rosie Duffield is a Labour MP, if she has concerns with Labour policy or any other issue concerning the party, then i am sure the leaders door is open to her. It is inappropriate for a Labour MP to indulge in street protest against her own party as she did here.

  2. Hard line left wingers is used here as a term of abuse. It does show a mind set in the News team.

    Reasonable criticism of Israel should allow pointing out that it is in breach of more U.N. resolutions than any other country. That it is breach of Geneva conventions. And it has aggressively displaced over a million Palestinians and regularly kills women and children.

    Apart from that it is fine.

  3. Rosie Duffield is an excellent MP for this constituency. Corbyn, in contrast, is a disaster for the Labour Party, and I for one will be pleased if Rosie stands up for policies she believes in.

  4. This is relevant how? Signalling that since Conservatives follow a course of action Labour can do similar! The correct moral position is independent of the bad behaviour of others.

  5. Right Hon Jeremy Corbyn was (in a previous life) a Labour MP who opposed more Labour party votes and motions than most people have had hot dinners. He rarely voted in line with party policy so he can hardly object if his MPs vote with their conscience now. What hypocrisy.

  6. ‘Tyger’ Rosie Duffield wouldn’t be your MP if it weren’t for the man you label a ‘disaster’ – without Corbyn the swing to Labour in Canterbury simply wouldn’t have happened.

  7. Corbyn opposed policy on matters of fundamental principle, the glaring example being the war in Iraq, the actions of Israel are fundamentally wrong and illegal. This MP supports her own political ambition and opposes the party membership, if she had a ounce of decency she would leave.


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