So just how hot is it going to get?

Temperatures could reach as high as 30C in Canterbury this week

Temperatures in Canterbury are going to remain in the 20s throughout this week – but could get even higher.

Thursday is going to be especially warm, say forecasters, due to high pressure building up over much of the United Kingdom.

It could even get as high as 30C in the city, with slightly lower temperatures in coastal areas.

Frank Saunders, the chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “As warmer air from the continent moves towards the UK from Wednesday, temperatures will climb into the mid to high 20s quite widely.

“By this stage, some places in England and Wales will very likely top 30 Celsius – it’s not unlikely somewhere could reach 32 Celsius.

The Westgate Gardens is popular in the summer

“With almost wall-to-wall sunshine we’ll certainly be looking at conditions which many of us would call a heatwave.”

However, the sunshine and lack of rain is not all good news.

Freshly planted oak trees on Kingsmead Field are struggling with a lack of water – so much so that the Friends of Kingsmead Field organised community watering event.

Some 30 people turned out at the weekend to fill watering cans from the River Stour to water the trees.

Meanwhile UV levels will be high or very high during this warm and sunny spell, so people are being advised to take care while they’re outside.

But if you’re a sun-seeker, then the longer term picture is a good one.

Jason Kelly, the deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, added: “With high pressure firmly in charge, the warm and dry weather is here to stay until at least the end of June and although it is still some way off, we could be looking at similar conditions continuing into the start of July.”


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