Duffield urges Foreign Secretary to cancel Trump’s visit to UK

President of the United States Donald Trump

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield has written to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urging him to cancel Donald Trump’s planned visit to the United Kingdom.

The Labour politician believes the US President’s visit would be “inappropriate” given the situation in which children have been separated from their children on the border between America and Mexico.

Mr Trump was elected with a pledge of tackling illegal immigration, especially from South and Central America through Mexico.

Ms Duffield, who has just celebrated a year as the constituency’s first ever Labour MP, said she was writing to Mr Johnson as a result of concerns’ of constituents.

“Recent events have highlighted how inappropriate the President’s visit would be,” Ms Duffield said.

Rosie Duffield with her supporters on the campaign trail

“Whilst President Trump has now ended his policy of separating children at the United States border, the Department for Health and Human Services have stated that detained children will not be immediately returned to their families.

“Amnesty International have described this as amounting to torture and I hope the Foreign Secretary, in the spirit of the UK’s history of internationalism, will reconsider his invitation to the President until proper action is taken, including the USA rejoining of the UN Human Rights Council and the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Child, which would prevent any similar policies from being passed in future.

“I like, many of my constituents, believe that the United States must now affirm its commitment by honouring international standards determined by the United Nations.

“Until this happens, Donald Trump’s visit should be halted.”

Ms Duffield’s comments have sparked both support for her position and opposition.

Over the weekend it was reported that Mr Trump is to spend three days in the UK beginning on July 13.


  1. If there had’nt been a university in Canterbury there would be no Duffield in parliament,the woman is a student appeasing snowflake,not parliamentary material at all.


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