Orlando Bloom’s rage at West End theatre goer

Orlando Bloom in Killer Joe

Canterbury-born actor Orlando Bloom has lashed out at a woman who tried to film him as he performed in a West End play.

The former St Edmund’s School pupil remained in character as he twice castigated her for using her iPad as performed his role as a hitman in Killer Joe.

He is appearing in the play at the Trafalgar Studios near Trafalgar Square in London.

When he noticed he was being filmed, he told the woman: “I need you to put your iPad away now.”

That was quickly followed with a stern and irate: ““Put that f***ing iPad away now and I will wait.”

The 41-year-old earned praise for his actions from other audience members.

Lauren Hulatt, who attended the performance, said: “Orlando Bloom shut down a lady filming on her iPad twice and he maintained character the entire time.

“That alone was worth a standing ovation. If Killer Joe told me to put my iPad down he so wouldn’t need to tell me twice.”

Philippa Hall added: “Brilliant performances all round and well done to Mr Bloom for publicly rebuking the woman in the audience trying to film him on her iPad and then smoothly continuing the show.”

Having burst on to the world stage as Legolas in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, released in 2001, Bloom went on to achieve international stardom as Will Tuner starring opposite Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, released in 2003.

He has since appeared in numerous other films as well as working on stage in Broadway and in the West End.

Killer Joe by Tracy Letts is set in a trailer park in Dallas and tells the story of hit-man Joe Cooper who is hired to kill the mother of a drug dealer.


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