VIDEO: Why separate waste if recyclable material goes uncollected?

Rubbish has is spilling out of bins after going uncollected for weeks

Bin stores containing recyclable waste on a city housing complex are over-flowing after weeks of going unemptied.

The bin stores at the Old Tannery are usually emptied fortnightly, but have been left untouched since earlier in the summer.

Mess is now spilling out of them and residents are wondering why.

Retail worker Sophie Tupman, 24, who lives in the Tannery said: “The recycling bin stores are filling and filling and mess is spilling out everywhere.

“But no one seems to care. No one has been out to clean them up or empty the containers.

A container packed with waste for recycling

“For the sake of cutting down waste, we faithfully separate our rubbish, but then it just sits there.

“What is the point of doing that if nobody is going to collect it.

“We’re always being told how important recycling is, but you’ve actually got to collect it first for that to happen.

“What this means, therefore, is that if you want all your rubbish collected and no piles of it to mount up like this, we should just stick it all in the landfill bins.”

Built by Bellway Homes, the Tannery is managed on a day to day basis by the Town and Country Housing Group.

The Canterbury Journal has attempted to contact the organisation and Canterbury City Council for a comment.

Neither had responded by the end of office hours yesterday (Friday).

We have shot a video of the inside of one of the bin stores:


  1. This is the second time in the last few weeks that our recycling has gone uncollected. Now it is being blown around by the wind .


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