Anti-litter campaigner believes he has the answer to A2 mess

Anti-litter campaigner Mike Sole

Anti-litter campaigner Mike Sole has launched a petition calling for twice yearly clean-ups of verges along the A2 near Canterbury.

Mr Sole, a former Liberal Democrat city councillor, wants to see the area tidied twice as often as it is – once in the spring and once in the autumn.

He launched the petition after Canterbury City Council leader Simon Cook donned the orange uniform of Serco and personally helped clean the A2.

Cllr Cook’s intervention came amid increasing concern about the state of the A2 and how much rubbish sits on the roadside.

Mr Sole, an active community campaigner who lives in Kingston, has lodged his petition with city hall.

Cllr Simon Cook at work by the A2

It reads: “According to the city council’s own figures, it costs £5,285 to pick litter from the A2, or £19,735 with traffic management.

“We urge the council to find the money in its budget to double the number of cleans so that they take place every spring and autumn.

“The city council should work with the relevant agencies to install signs to deter motorists discarding waste from their windows, and for cameras to be installed to catch and prosecute offenders.”

Mr Sole has carried out numerous litter-picks in the villages to the south of Canterbury.

He said: “Canterbury thrives on its tourists, yet the first thing that visitors see when approaching the city, is litter strewn verges.

“Paper, can, bottles and other waste litter the central reservation. It creates a terrible impression and is a danger to wildlife and the greater environment.

“This could all be improved for what is, in the scheme of things, a relatively small amount of money.”

In the past Mr Sole has called for lay-bys in the area to be closed as they are used by parking lorry drivers who leave urine-filled bottles and other rubbish at them.


  1. It is a disgrace the rubbish left by mostly lorry drivers who are parking up. They leave not only rubbish but bottles of urine and human excrement it is so bad on the A2 but also off slip road near Bridge along Coldharbour Lane. Something needs to be done. Kent is supposed to be the garden of England not a place to use as a toilet!!!!

  2. There should be harsh penalties for litter thrown from cars and lorries. And CCTV cameras to identify vehicles. Of course, there are no lorry parks, so vehicles have to park in laybyes. So an area behind laybyes providing loos and waste bins should be organised.


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