Litter-pickers collect astonishing haul of rubbish

Group of litter pickers

Volunteer litter-pickers have collected a huge amount of rubbish from the Kingsmead area of Canterbury.

They braved sub-zero temperatures today (Sunday) to go clear the Kingsmead Field, the area around the leisure centre and the footpaths next to the River Stour.

In addition to several bags of rubbish, the haul also included a pair of discarded football boots, a mahogany table and numerous pieces of winter clothing including hats and gloves.

The litter pick was organised by the Friends of Kingsmead Field.

Vashu Pamnani, Conrad Davies and Sian Pettman pull a rusty trolley from the Stour.

Sian Pettman, who lives in Market Way and co-ordinated the clean up, said: “Because of the weather forecast for snow, we weren’t sure whether we were going to go ahead.

“It was cold, but there wasn’t much snow on the ground so we went ahead.

“I’m really grateful to all those who came up and helped with the ongoing effort to keep our city clean.”

Some 30 people braved the cold to do the clean up.

Sian also donned a pair of waders to brave the icy waters of the Stour to pull rubbish from the river.

Canterbury City Council is waging a war on mess and litter through its “Love Where We Live” campaign.

Three councillors helped clean up Kingsmead: Labour’s Alan Baldock and Conservatives Sally Waters and Terry Westgate, the city’s anti-litter supremo.

Cllr Westgate also cleans graffiti from public property such as benches and road signs.

Last week it emerged that the council had warned a man for illegal fly-posting after he was caught putting up “B****cks to Brexit” stickers on property.

The council will next week discuss proposals to raise the maximum fine for littering to £150.

Volunteer litter pickers including former Lib Dem city councillor Mike Sole have also been busy in Bishopsbourne cleaning lay-bys.


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