Highways chiefs find solution for our potholed, crumbling roads

Kent County Council has agreed to spend another £8 million on road fixes

The county’s highways chiefs have come up with a solution to deal with Kent’s potholed roads: spend more money.

They have announced another £12.6 million funding in addition to the £8 million they have already pledged this year.

Kent County Council formally approved the cash boost at a meeting yesterday (Thursday).

It warned that severe weather over the winter seriously affected Kent’s 5,400-mile road network.

The authority said: “Now that Highways engineers have been able to assess the full extent of the damage to the county’s roads, drains and pavements it is necessary to invest a further £12.6 million to repair and maintain through additional resurfacing and surface dressing to enhance the pothole repair programme.”

Potholes on Tower Way, Canterbury, before they were filled in

Throughout the late winter and spring, the Canterbury Journal highlighted the problem of potholed roads around the Canterbury district.

They appeared on major routes as well as on lesser used routes.

Kent County County cabinet member for highways Mike Whiting added: “I’m delighted to announce additional funding to ensure our roads are repaired and remain open and safe.

“Since we launched our pothole blitz in March, 29,000 potholes have been filled across the county alongside 92,399sqm of patching which covers multiple potholes in one go.”

The cash injection follows a £6 million spend agreed in February before the worst of the weather had taken hold. At a meeting in May another £2 million was approved.

It means that the latest funding will bring the total spending on potholed roads to just over £20 million.

While Kent County Council is responsible for the majority of roads in the county, some are outside of its control.

Highways England is responsible for motorways and major roads such as the M20, M2, A21, A2, A249 and A20.

The county council has a pothole reporting section on its website.


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