Authorities renew crackdown on vandalism

Tags sprayed on to garages in Canterbury

Authorities are zeroing in on a handful of vandals responsible for hundreds of pieces of graffiti across Canterbury.

They are particularly targeting vandals who use the tags Deryk, Newt, DMF, MCR, TMK and Waldo.

The renewed effort comes as the Canterbury Society urges for money to be found to tackle graffiti.

Canterbury City Council is hoping its latest effort will reap dividends.

Cllr Neil Baker, the authority’s community chairman, said: “We are proud of the district and we want it to remain a lovely place to live, work in and visit.

Graffiti on a private property next to St Dunstan’s crossing

“The scourge of graffiti vandalism is a key issue for our residents and we need to tackle it.

“Not only is it making parts of the district look horrible, it is costing council taxpayers, residents and businesses an incredible amount of money to clean off only for it to return days later.

“This is money that could be used on worthwhile projects elsewhere.

“Why should people be forced into the expense and inconvenience of drastic measures like anti-graffiti paint or growing plants up their walls when they are the innocent victims and did not ask to be targeted?”

In February, the council launched its “Love Where We Live” campaign in order to encourage people to have pride in their communities.

Head of safer neighbourhoods Doug Rattray added: “If a member of the public spots a vandal in action, please call the police who will coordinate with our CCTV control room in an effort to catch the offender.

“Alternatively, if you know who is responsible for causing so much misery in the city, please contact us in confidence.

“This particular group of offenders have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to evade detection so we really need the public’s help.”

Anyone with information is asked to phone 01227 655027 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or via their anonymous online form at


  1. No money for graffiti removal?
    Yes there is! It’s currently in the pockets of those criminals who damage our property
    with spray cans, paint and/or scribble pens. They’ve all got enough money for nice phones,
    designer clothes and spray paint, have they not? Clearly they also have plenty of time on
    their hands too.
    So, catch ’em, nail ’em and make ’em pay.
    For good measure and deterrence, also name ’em and shame ’em.

    I look forward to seeing groups of the guilty getting busy, removing the visible effects
    of their criminal damage.


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