Estate left looking “like municipal tip”

An area behind flats in Tennyson Avenue

Sections of a Canterbury housing estate have been left looking like a dump, according to a resident.

One part of Tennyson Avenue has rubbish piled high, a shopping trolley filled with garbage and other detritus strewn around.

Elsewhere in the street, there are numerous shopping abandoned trolleys and bags of uncollected rubbish.

Alan Rogers, 62, who lives in a neighbouring street, said: “I took the dog for a walk round here and came across a scene which looks like a municipal tip.

“It’s an unbelievable. We’ve had problems round here with mess in the past. But this is the worst I’ve seen it for a long time.

“I’m not blaming the council because it’s not them that leaves this here, but it would be good if they could get people round here more often to try to keep the area tidy.”

Canterbury City Council is currently running its Love Where We Live campaign which encourages people to cherish their neighbourhoods.

It has been approached for a comment.


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