Gina Miller joins remain campaigners in Canterbury


Celebrity remain campaigner Gina Miller has visited Canterbury ahead of Thursday’s general election poll. Miller is best known for bringing legal action that prevented the government enacting Brexit without parliamentary approval.

Meeting in Canterbury’s Buttermarket, Miller was joined by a cohort of demonstrators and two bright yellow minis encouraging locals to vote tactically in support of Labour’s Rosie Duffield.

The trailblazing business leader told onlookers: “I’m Gina Miller, founder of Remain United, a tactical voting website to stop Boris Johnson.

“If the aim is to stop Boris Johnson, it’s essential that in seats like Canterbury, the Remain vote simply cannot be split.”

Also present was Tim Walker, the Lib Dem candidate who stepped down last month to avoid splitting the Remain vote, and former Lib Dem council leader Alex Perkins.

Perkins said: “I’m asking (voters) to vote for Rosie, not for Jeremy Corbyn. This is a grass roots movement here in Canterbury, so it doesn’t matter what you voted in the previous election, vote for Canterbury, vote for Rosie, and vote for Remain.”

In 2016, Canterbury and Whitstable voted 52.8% to remain. However, Tory candidate Anna Firth supports Brexit, and should she prevail in Canterbury, the additional parliamentary seat could make the difference, and help Boris Johnson secure the majority he needs to take Britain out of the EU.

Polling currently shows Rosie Duffield fractionally ahead of the Tories, whom she beat by a wafer-thin majority in 2017. However, in an unpredictable election the outcome is far from certain.



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