Dogs face daily danger of broken glass on city streets

Shattered glass lies behind Archie as he checks out a fence

Dog owners are having to take precautions over the dangers of shattered glass to their pets.

Broken bottles and other vessels are frequent sights on Canterbury’s streets before cleans early in the morning.

Owner Alex Hammond takes his seven-year-old West Highland terrier Archie for a walk from his St Peter’s Street home at just after 6am every day.

The 46-year-old said: “The situation is actually quite bad.

“You’ll come across a lot of broken beer bottles and smashed spirit bottles.

Alex Hammond and Archie in St Peter’s Street

“Thankfully, Archie has never suffered an injury, but it’s something you have to be constantly aware of.”

Alex, who runs the Canterbury Jeweller’s and Pawnbroker’s in St Peter’s Street, says the problem also persists in areas used by problem drinkers such as open spaces.

“We were up in Lady Wootton’s Green the other day and came across some there,” he said.

“There is also quite a lot in the Westgate Gardens. I’m sure broken glass is a concern for all dog owners.”

The risks presented by broken glass include dogs eating it or tiny near invisible fragments getting stuck in their paws.

Jasmine Adamson, who has owned dogs for more than 40 years, says that if the pet has suddenly started limping it may be because it has something in its foot.

She advises gently inspecting dogs’ feet to see if the problem is detectable.

“Most dogs really hate having their feet grabbed,” she said. “It’s a good idea, however, to train your dog to tolerate a bodily inspection.

“But you might need to hold the dog down if he won’t tolerate that kind of inspection. Just pay close attention to their behaviour. Dogs tell us when things are wrong, we just need to learn that language.”


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