Planners set to approve student flats

A planning committee meeting taking place in the Guildhall

Nine student flats are likely to be approved when they come before city council planners this week.

A developer has applied for permission to build two two-storey blocks on Woodland Way off Giles Lane close to Keynes College at the University of Kent and the Canterbury Mosque.

If planning permission is granted, block A will contain five flats ranging between five and six bedrooms. Block B will have four units ranging in size from four to seven bedrooms in each flat.

The application will come before Canterbury City Council’s planning committee.

Planning officers are recommending that the proposal be granted subject to conditions.

The entrance to Woodland Way off Giles Lane

A report before committee members states: “The council’s Housing Strategy stresses that increasing the amount of purpose built student accommodation would reduce the pressure on the housing market and release family sized homes for occupation by families.

“In relation to the potential vacancy rates of existing student accommodation in the city, the council’s Housing Strategy sets out that as of September 2017 even if all permitted and planned student accommodation was developed this would only provide for 60% of students in need of accommodation and as such there is still considered to be a continuing need for such accommodation.

“Preference will be given to purpose built student accommodation and will be granted subject to meeting criteria [of council policy].”

The report says that the scheme is acceptable given its location within the boundary of the University of Kent.

It adds that the developers must ensure that it is car-free and meet certain conditions for safeguarding.

The planning committee meeting takes place in the Guildhall and starts at 6.30pm on Tuesday. It is open to members of the public.


  1. Would CCC be happy if all the residents of Canterbury up sticks and move somewhere else so they can turn it into a student only location. Its getting beyond a joke, where are the young families supposed to be living ? Where are the family homes being built that are both suitable and affordable for these 1st time buyers ? How much does it cost to buy a planning officer ?


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