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Man in his 60s battered in row over supermarket disabled parking...

Police have launched an appeal for information.

Is your street poised to see new parking restrictions?

There is still time to have your say on the council's parking proposals.

Will authorities finally solve the curse of Longmarket parking?

The famous city centre street is supposed to be free of vehicles.

Council should more carefully consider city’s parking needs

Prof Richard Scase says the authority should try to meet the needs of shoppers and businesses.

Multi-storey “could be key to unlocking potential of West station”

The city council has held talks with rail bosses as it presses ahead with its controversial multi-storey car park.

End this parking hell

Street is one of the worst in the city for parking problems.

District’s £1.3 million digital parking revolution is on the horizon

The city council is transforming the way we use both urban and park and ride car parks.

Part of car park reopens after repairs

It had been closed to allow for emergency work.

City council: We will act on Longmarket parking

Authority says it will talk to landowner over activity which "shouldn't be happening" while prominent councillor says parking "kills the appeal" of the street.

Does anyone know when the Longmarket became a car park?

Cars are apparently parked there daily.

Debates that don’t go away: cars, public transport and that multi-storey…

Two prominent city figures outline very different visions for the future of Canterbury.

City council lacks vision and innovation

Good political leadership requires bold ideas, says business expert Prof Richard Scase.
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