Cat dices with death on road

Ginger cat (stock image)

A cat has been seen crossing a road in north west Canterbury. The ginger housecat embarked on its death-defying traversal of the busy St Thomas’ Hill between Westgate Court Avenue and Harkness Drive at around 10am this morning (Thursday).

Steve Fleming, who was waiting at a nearby bus stop, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw what was happening. He sat by the kerb studying the oncoming traffic intently and then made a break for it in between two passing lorries.

“I thought he was done for, but luckily he made it.”

The incident occurred on the same day as the General Election 2019 which the Journal is unable to report on until polls close at 10pm. Restrictions on election coverage can lead to incidental news stories receiving greater prominence in the daily news cycle than might otherwise be deemed strictly necessary.


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