Academic: Don’t miss opportunity to build transport hub at station

We need an integrated transport hub at Canterbury West, says Rick Norman

A prominent Canterbury academic is urging the city council to create an “integrated transport hub” when it redevelops Station Road West.

Prof Rick Norman says there will be a crucial opportunity to build the hub when the authority is constructing its new multi-storey car park to serve Canterbury West.

The the three-level car park has been granted planning permission, but has provoked opposition. Critics have complained that it will encourage driving when the council is supposed to be reducing pollution and congestion in central Canterbury.

Prof Norman, a former University of Kent lecturer, told a meeting of Canterbury councillors this week: “I’m not going to talk about the multi-storey car park.

“Councillors will be aware that any increase in parking should be part of a package that seeks to enhance access by bus, cycling or walking so that railway stations can become integrated transport hubs

“The current planned redevelopment of Station Road West is a once and for all opportunity to implement that policy and put in place an integrated transport hub.

“This is a crucial opportunity that won’t come along again and I’m very worried that the opportunity will be lost.

“Now that Canterbury West is becoming a major access point to the city, it needs to be linked up to other forms of sustainable transport.”

Preparatory work is already underway ahead of the construction of the car park.

It is being built to meet the needs of commuters using Canterbury West, many of whom take the high-speed train to London.

The council also says the additional 370 spaces it is creating will help reduce the amount of time drivers spend looking for parking places.


  1. Professor Normans point is well made.

    This is a unique opportunity to provide the residents of the City,its surrounding villages and nearby coastal towns all of whom use the excellent HST service with a modern integrated transport facility catering equally and flexibly for all forms of personal transportation-buses,cars, cycles,taxis and shank’s pony.

    It would be tragic if this chance to develop something imaginative on the station site which would benefit lost.

    I do urge Cllrs and the officer team to give Professor Norman’s proposal which is widely shared across the community as a whole the most serious consideration before it is too late.


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