Tribute set up to sad Shelley

Flowers and candles next to the Eastbridge Hospital where Shelley Pollard used to sit.

A floral and candlelit tribute has appeared close to the spot where homeless Shelley Pollard collapsed on Wednesday evening.

The 42-year-old mother-of-three was tended to by the emergency services next to the Eastbridge Hospital at just after 6pm, but was pronounced dead later.

Messages of condolence are also attached to the flowers.

Shelley’s mother, who lives on Canterbury London Road Estate, was informed of her daughter’s death on Wednesday night.

She was yesterday (Thursday) being consoled by friends and family.

Paramedics battle to save Shelley’s life

“The police came round and told me what had happened,” Mrs Pollard said.

“Shelley lost her house and that’s how she ended up on the street. She lost everything.”

Police have said there are no suspicious circumstances connected to Shelley’s death, but she was a known drug user.

Shelley is understood to have been addicted to crack and heroin. She took a potent combination of the drugs known as snowball and lived on the streets begging by the Eastbridge.

Her death adds to the tally of those who have perished in Canterbury after long-standing problems with hard drugs.

There have been calls in the past to create “drug consumption rooms” in Canterbury where users can take drugs in a controlled environment.

An inquest into Shelley’s death is likely to take place later this year at Canterbury Coroner’s Court.

If you have issues with substance misuse or know someone who has, you can contact the Turning Point charity via its website.

Alternatively, you can call FRANK for help and advice. The number is 0300 123 6600.


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