BREAKING: Homeless woman who collapsed in city centre has died

The Kingsbridge where Shelley Pollard regularly sat

A woman who collapsed in central Canterbury last night has died.

This morning police confirmed that the woman, believed to be in her 30s, that there were no suspicious circumstances.

Police taped off an area of the Kingsbridge at just after 6pm on Wednesday.

She was treated in the street before being taken to hospital. She was later pronounced dead.

Force spokesman Jordan Bluer said: “Kent Police were called to assist the South East Coast Ambulance Service with a medical incident in Canterbury High Street at 6.09pm on Wednesday 21 March.

“A woman subsequently died. Her death is not being treated as suspicious.”

The woman was a known drug user. She regularly begged from a spot outside the Eastbridge Hospital.

If you or anyone you know has substance abuse issues, you can contact FRANK for advice. The number is 0300 123 6600.


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