End this parking hell

Martyrs' Field Road in Canterbury

A Wincheap street has emerged as one of the worst in the city for parking problems.

Martyrs’ Field Road is lined by vehicles on both sides for most of the day.

It is used by permanent residents, students who rent houses during the academic year and commuters travelling into Canterbury for work.

The intensity of the parking means there is often little or no room for vehicles to pass, leading to dangerous reversing in the road and damage to cars.

Resident Tim Wilshire says arguments between drivers have taken place and fears it is only a matter of time until a fight erupts.

He has called for yellow lines to be painted on one side of the road.

Another woman says she has to rent a garage from the council in order to guarantee that she has somewhere to park her car near her home.

Parking is free and unrestricted in Martyrs’ Field Road, unlike neighbouring Gordon Road which has a four-hour limit.

Canterbury City Council says it carried out an “extensive” survey of Wincheap households in the autumn.

Spokesman Rob Davies said: “The response rate was low and replies were mixed so were not able to make a case for residents’ parking.

“We also looked at what vehicles were parked and when.

“It showed that a significant number that were parked there early in the morning, pre-commuter parking, were still there in the middle of the day so yellow lines would cause problems for residents as they would have to move their cars during the restricted periods.”

Other parts of Wincheap including Oxford Road also suffer from similar problems.


  1. I live in Martyrs Field Road and my car has had to have a new rear bumper fitted twice in a year because drivers have hit my car. I’d suggest that making Martyrs Field one way would remove the main cause of damage – i.e. reversing (which a lot of drivers these days seem to be inacapable of).


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