Hungover customer rings Canterbury pub to complain its beer gave him a “nasty headache”

Customer reports that beer gave him a hangover

Staff working a Sunday shift at a busy Canterbury boozer were left bewildered by a man who called them to complain about his hangover.

The customer rang the Old City Bar to inform workers he was feeling unwell after spending Saturday night in the Oaten Hill watering hole.

He admitted he had “drunk and drunk and drunk”, but insisted the malaise was not his own fault.

The Old City Bar in Oaten Hill

Barmaid Sophie Tupman, 23, took the call. She said: “He called up and said he had been in the pub last night.

“He was like ‘I’ve got a nasty headache’ and then he said ‘I drink, I drink and drink and now I have a really bad headache’.

“He claimed he doesn’t get hangovers. So I asked him if he drank any alcohol and he said ‘no’.

“Then I asked him what he had drunk and he said beer. I told him that beer contains alcohol, which can give you a hangover.

“Then he claimed he had never experienced a hangover.”

The caller later admitted that he was lying in bed feeling ill and saying he couldn’t get up.

At that point Miss Tupman told him he was being “ridiculous” and ended the call.



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