Old school poised to be demolished to make way for MORE student flats

The former St Mary Bredin School in Canterbury

The former St Mary Bredin School on the Ring Road will be torn and replaced with student flats if planners give it the nod next week.

Officers are recommending that Canterbury City Council’s planning committee grant the scheme by architect Guy Hollaway consent.

But opponents fear it will create a tunnel of high rise building in Rhodaus Town and means the loss of an attractive historic building.

The application before the committee is for 146 student bedroom in 17 “cluster flats” arranged in four- and five-storey buildings.

A report going before the committee states that the owner and applicant, Canbury Holdings, is the same firm behind the neighbouring Palamon Court student development.

“[The] scheme is described as an annex to that development, with the two sites, for example, sharing the same management company and a number of amenities such as basement cycle parking,” says the report.

“The service access route for Palamon Court will also serve this development. The scheme will be car free and a legal agreement would prevent students bringing cars into the site, other than at term start and finish.”

Among those objecting to the scheme is Canterbury City Council’s own heritage department.

It said: “The proposal would result in harm to the Canterbury conservation area and result in the loss of a characterful and attractive former school.”

Numerous individual as well as the Canterbury Society have also criticised the proposal. Society chairman Jan Pahl questioned why it needed to be so tall, adding that it threatened to significantly change the city’s urban landscape.

It also called for a full archaeological excavation of the site.

The Oaten Hill and South Canterbury Association, meanwhile, pointed out that the former school sits on an 11th century mound created as a defensive measure for the city.

Canterbury Christ Church University also opposes the scheme, arguing that there is enough student accommodation in Canterbury already.

The planning committee meets in the Guildhall at 6.30pm on Tuesday.


  1. I find it incredible that the ruling group on the City Council don’t realise that visitors come to Canterbury to see such unique buildings not more high rise modern beds sits. Perhaps the Planning Committee will act independently …..?

  2. If unique and historic buildings are to be demolished (!!!) at the very least it could be to provide low-rent housing for a variety of young people needing roofs, not just students. Once again: Profit over People and Avarice over Architecture!

  3. When are you people going to put the people who live in Canterbury 1st. Students come n go,tourists come n go. Why don,t you let out unused student accomadation? They don,t need anymore….yet!! As for the building? It,s a one off…It should be protected. Unfortunitely in the last 16yrs i,ve been in and around Canterbury you have managed to allow a City that was completely unique…and turned it in to any ol high street. It is special and different…KEEP IT THAT WAY…IT,S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

  4. Well why not knock down all these too;
    The Cathedral
    St Augustine’s
    There are of course more unnecessary histoehist buildings and relics we could also knock down
    As we so desperately need more students accommodation
    but social housing can take the back burner as the less affluent families and those without a home obviously don’t bring in enough to the area
    Also we don’t need tourists we have students
    Incidentally I’m not anti student I’m anti destroying the history of the city in favour of high rise blocks of flats


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