Marlowe Panto Dame registers political campaign to become Prime Minister


Canterbury has seen its share of political controversy during this General Election but it seems there’s time for one more before the polls close on December 12th

A shock candidate, not for Canterbury, but for the highest office in the land has emerged in the ample shape of Mother Goose.

Goose, 28 [citation needed], promises to rescue the economy with the aid of a golden-egg laying bird. The Institute for Fiscal Studies was unavailable for comment, although it is by no means the least believable election pledge of the last few weeks.

However, her video appeal to voters has run a-fowl of the eggheads at Facebook. The Marlowe’s head of Marketing Ben Travis protested that “oh no he wasn’t” a politician, but Facebook insisted “oh yes he was”. Ben had to send his Driving Licence to Facebook HQ and register as a political advertiser.

The video has already reached over 45,000 people on the popular social media platform, and you can watch it here.

Ben Roddy will be appearing as Mother Goose at The Marlowe until Sunday 12 January, alongside TV personalities Dr Ranj and Jenna Russell.

With increasing scrutiny over political advertising it is reassuring that Facebook is taking these matters seriously, “fake news” is not a yolking matter.


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