Green activists threaten to inflict gridlock misery on city streets

Protesters will gather by the Guildhall and Westgate Towers to make their point

Green activists are threatening to bring Canterbury to a standstill in a protest over the environment.

Calling itself Extinction Rebellion, the group behind the action says it intends to block the routes around the Westgate Towers.

It is urging authorities on all levels to address issues of climate – and claims hundreds of people will take part in the protest next month.

Nicholas Thurston, a spokesman for Extinction Rebellion, told the Canterbury Journal: “The protest is not against motorists, but to force government action. Scientists have declared an emergency. This is bigger than Brexit.

“The disruptive action brings to attention the need for action from national, regional and local government to commit to actions to drastically reduce the causes of climate change.

“Canterbury City Council, Kent County Council and Rosie Duffield MP are all called to declare a climate emergency, make policy commitments for zero carbon by 2025 and create citizens’ assemblies to deliver the required changes in the face of the ecological and climate disaster we all face.”

Extinction Rebellion describes the form of activism as “swarming” and insists the police are aware of its plans.

Mr Thurston went on: “The current plans at local, regional and national level will not enable us to achieve the necessary changes to avert the climate going out of control.

“The lack of action by government is irresponsible and immoral. Climate change is the defining challenge of our age.

“When government fails us, we have to be prepared to take drastic measures. This includes acts of non-violent civil disobedience to raise attention to the issues.”

The protest is scheduled to take place at 11am on Saturday, January 5 with protesters gathering next to the Guildhall, the debating chamber for Canterbury City Council.


  1. So let me get this straight in my head, green activists are going to cause pollution in protest about pollution.
    Am I missing anything out here?

  2. The point that is missed is that this is an emergency. Councils across the country including Bristol and Manchester have already declared a Climate Emergency. Governments and world leaders have failed in their duty to protect us or inform us about the true state of our planet. The IPCCC which is renowned for conservative estimates gives us twelve years maximum to reach zero carbon emissions. This is horrific. It should be top of every agenda of every government and media body yet it is still treated as debatable. Drastic actions are needed to raise awareness and I am afraid hitting economic activity is the only way to make people take notice. The disruption will be relatively short lived but will raise awareness in the City authorities. Watch this child telling the UN they have failed her and her generation

  3. I will certainly be joining. Funny thing is it probably won’t make the Canterbury traffic worse than it already is! Haha. Viva La rebellion!

  4. You might want to rewrite your biased and emotive headline. “Gridlock misery” has existed in Canterbury for years. It’s caused by too many vehicles, not by any Green activists. Stand at the St Dunstan’s (Westgate Towers) bus stop for an hour on a still day and then write about your experience. Better still, get out on 5 January and join the protest!


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