City pubs will host launch of product which promises to end hangovers

The Unicorn is one of two venues hosting the launch of Yeti & the Fox

A team of entrepreneurs is launching a product in Canterbury which they insist can relieve drinkers of the hell of the “stinking hangover”.

Called Yeti & The Fox, the product is a capsule which contains an antioxidant to promote recovery from the effects of drinking.

On Friday it will be launched in the St Dunstan’s Street watering holes The Unicorn and Pegasus, both run by landlord Lorenzo Carnevale-Maffe.

Two of the team behind the Yeti & The Fox are Paul Thomas and David Yates who met and became friends while at Canterbury’s St Edmund’s School in the 1980s.

David insists that the product is so effective that users will feel normal after taking it before and after a drinking session.

He said: “The core ingredient of Yeti & The Fox is glutathione, a compound molecule made inside every human cell and integral to the body’s detoxification process and energy metabolism.

“It is the single most protective antioxidant produced by the body and plays a critical role in fighting the toxins from alcohol

“When drinking alcohol, the body uses glutathione to break down the toxins from the alcohol but in doing, so the stores of glutathione can become depleted, increasing the risk of hangovers.

“Yeti & The Fox replenishes the body’s levels of glutathione allowing it to better break down the nasties from alcohol and avoid that horrible hangover.

“It really works. So, no more worries about feeling hungover at work and underperforming in that important meeting, feeling like hell on the football pitch, missing the gym or a bike ride because your head is down the toilet, or you simply just can’t get out of bed.”

Customers at either Pegasus or The Unicorn will be able to obtain a free sample of Yeti & The Fox to try it out for themselves from about 7.30pm onwards on Friday.


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