City’s oldest cab driver finally retires

Barrie George drove for Longleys for 26 years

For more than a quarter of a century, Barrie George has been a familiar face in Canterbury.

That is the extraordinary amount of time that he has been driving for Broad Oak Road based firm cab firm Longleys.

But now after 26 years behind the wheel, Barrie has finally retired.

The family-owned firm’s directors took the 85-year-old and his wife Pam for a special lunch at the Punch Tavern between Canterbury and Herne Bay earlier this month.

Barrie and wife Pam, left, enjoyed a pub lunch with Longleys colleagues

Barrie’s driving career was so long that he even once saw a baby delivered in the back of his car.

Asked what his favourite memory was, he said: “I can’t really say for sure, there have been so many wonderful ones I wouldn’t say I had a favourite.

“I’ve taken kids to school and then taken them to the church to get married 20 years later. That’s a nice feeling.”

Dave George, one of the family owners at Longleys, said: “Barrie has driven with Longleys for more than quarter of a century.

“He seems to find time for everybody, and a thoughtful gift or comment was never far away.

“Something else that was never far away was the booster cushion he used to see over the steering wheel.

“Although he will be missed by everyone here, we wish him all the best for a long and happy retirement.”


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