Planners set to approve 175 new homes for farm site in village

New homes are to be built (stock image)

A 175-home scheme for a farm site in Westbere is poised to win full planning permission next week.

The Redrow Homes development at Hoplands Farm on Island Road has already received outline consent and is going before Canterbury City Council’s planning committee for full approval.

If granted, it will form another piece in the corridor of homes being built to the east of the city along the A28 towards the Isle of Thanet.

One development has already been completed at Hersden in recent years with work on another Redrow scheme at the former colliery village due to start imminently.

Concerns have been raised that intensive housing schemes along the A28 will result in unmanageable levels of traffic on the single carriageway road between Canterbury and Thanet.

The Hoplands Farm scheme comes against a backdrop of the city council committing itself to allowing more than 16,000 hew homes to be built as part of its Local Plan, the planning blueprint for the district for the years up to 2031.

Planning officers are recommending that the committee approve the development with safeguarding conditions.

The committee meets in the Guildhall at 6.30pm on Tuesday, February 5.


  1. More and more housing being crammed to the villages on the east side of Canterbury. It’s high time to stop this! Why not in Blean, I wonder?

  2. Your biased reporting is really making your journal a sad joke.May l suggest you review your editorial policy since quite clearlyyou seem to form points of view about any story you report.

  3. Fact. The UK population is aging and without younger immigrants entering the country, the cost of supporting the elderly population would become prohibitively expensive.
    Fact. People not surprisingly need somewhere to live. If we have net immigration of 300,00 per annum we need circa 75,000 new homes per annum just to standstill.
    Fact. We have not been building enough new homes for decades, hence the current high prices and rents.
    Fact . To provide more homes you can build down (basements) up (flats) or outwards from existing population areas.
    Fact. Its not an option to reduce our elderly population.

    Thus people have to recognise the pressing need for more homes. The only matter for discussion is where to put them. these are not easy decision and people should put forward alternative plans if they don’t like what others are putting forward. Just saying I don’t like this just will not do.


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