Build new homes with electric car charging points, urges councillor

An electric car being charged

A prominent councillor is calling for new homes in the district to be built with car charging points.

As the frenzy of house-building intensifies with new developments springing up, there are mounting concerns about the effect of pollution from cars – especially within Canterbury.

Wincheap Lib Dem Nick Eden-Green believes that electric charging points would help encourage people to start using electric-powered vehicles which do not emit fumes.

He said: “Lib Dem group leader Michael Dixey and I proposed motion that an electric car charging point should be fitted at the time of building a house.

“Doing this will cost almost nothing whereas retrofitting it will cost a lot.

Cllr Nick Eden-Green

“If a new homeowner has a point built in then they are far more likely to consider buying an electric car.”

The Lib Dems have also suggested that new houses should be built with at least one south facing roof so that homes can be fitted with solar panels.

Their motion will be discussed by the city council’s policy and resources meeting later this week.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “Our draft air quality action plan, which we have recently been consulting on, contains a proposed measure to promote charging points for electric/hybrid vehicles in 10,500 houses across the district’s major development sites.

“In addition, our Local Plan promotes sustainable development and includes policies that aim to address the effects of climate change and support development that creates renewable energy.

“Indeed the independent inspector who examined the plan concluded it contains a proactive strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

“It sets out a list of environmental measures for development proposals to address covering a wide range of issues. Not every measure will be suitable for every site and applications are dealt with on their individual merits, so the Local Plan provides flexibility to meet the specific needs of each site.”


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