Bags spewing disgusting rubbish blighting major city street

Rubbish spewing from bags in Castle Street today

Workers making their way to jobs in the city centre were confronted with mess strewn all over Castle Street this morning.

A pile of grey bin bags apparently containing domestic waste were spilling rubbish all over the pavement and streets.

Seagulls had also been pecking at the bags and pulling things from them.

Property manager David Allenby said: “I couldn’t believe it. The rubbish from these bags was all over the place, going right down the road towards the Three Tuns pub.

“What a sight to see first thing in the morning. Tourists will be parking in the car parks in Castle Street and this is not a good image for Canterbury. It’s disgusting.”


  1. Tourists travelling into Canterbury via the A2 from the M2/Thanet Way will already know what to expect by the six or seven-mile trail of litter that decorates the verges, lay-bys and hedgerows on both the city-bound and motorway-bound carriageways. But nobody – at least, nobody in authority – appears to care. Plenty of talk but no action!

  2. And when are going to mow all the verges…it,s begining to look like waste ground. Theres some specimen dandelions out there…


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