We’re tackling vandalism in one city’s worst grot-spots, says council

The Wincheap underpass is covered in graffiti

The city council will be carrying out work to prevent graffiti persisting in one of the most frequently vandalised underpasses in Canterbury.

Better lighting, a wipeable vinyl covering and tiling will be introduced at the Wincheap underpass following similar enhancement schemes at the subways beneath the St George’s and Riding Gate roundabouts.

The underpass is frequently covered in graffiti comprising tags, drawings and rude messages.

Wincheap ward councillor Nick Eden-Green insists he has been lobbying the council for years to get on and address the issue.

The Lib Dem said: “I am finally getting the council to tackle the subway. I unearthed a fund that has been building up over the years of accumulated money that developers have to contribute towards improvements to the public realm.

Cllr Nick Eden-Green

“Current plans are to improve the lighting in the subway tunnel and then to line the the walls with a tough vinyl wrap onto which photographs can be printed.

“The approach ramps will be tiled. This will ensure that any future graffiti tags are effectively masked by a multi coloured background and, in any case, the finish of both the vinyl and the tiles is easily cleaned.”

Rob Davies, a spokesman for Canterbury City Council, confirmed that the work is scheduled to go ahead.

“Having carried out improvements to the St George’s and Riding Gate subways, we have now moved on to the Wincheap subway as we always planned to,” he said.

“CCTV is already in place there and work on enhancements including better lighting, new vinyl wall coverings and tiling to the step and ramp approaches will start soon.

“The section money Cllr Eden-Green refers to is ring-fenced for subway work and its availability and the plan on how to spend it has been reported to previous public council committees.”


  1. All very good ideas. Perhaps a spruced up underpass will actually be used for safely getting from one side of the road to the other, as opposed to it being a toilet, rubbish bin and/or a scribble pad.

    Here’s an idea for some of the photographs. Mugshots of those caught urinating, littering, vandalising etc. Naming and shaming these criminals – and they are criminals – is as good a deterrent as one can get. However, I suppose some bleating snowflake will start wringing his/her hands and carp on about those found guilty having their feelings bruised by being “outed” in such a manner. Tough! What about our feelings? That’ll be the vast majority then, who simply want to exercise their right to walk safely through Canterbury, without having to wade through litter, lager bottles, dog poo and the like.

    I’m normally a very easy-going, tolerant person but the current disgusting situation needs a radical sort out and if that embarrasses the antisocial minority, then they’ll only have themselves to blame. Litter, urine, scribble and empty bottles/cans don’t simply appear out of thin air c/o the trash fairy. Human beings (some might say that’s being generous!) are the cause of all these disgusting woes, so let’s catch them and ensure that subsequent punishments fit their crimes. All the time these feckless so and sos think they can get away with their disgusting activities, they’ll simply carry on despoiling and ruining Canterbury.

    Call to action – Let’s roll out the CCTV (overt and covert) and start nailing the scribblers, litterers and their incontinent friends. Convict, name and shame – SImples!


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