£600k roads upgrade is on schedule, insists council

Workmen digging up the intersection at Best Lane, King Street, Orange Street and The Friars

The improvement works taking place at a crossroads in Canterbury city centre streets are on schedule, insists the council.

Work on the £600,000 project for Best Lane, The Friars and Orange Street began in May and is due to finish in November.

Responding to concerns that the work is running late, the authority says it is due to be complete as planned unless weather interferes with it.

The work involves installing Yorkstone paving and a new road surface to the three roads.

Best Lane and The Friars have already been repaved.

The Friars has already been repaved

Workmen are currently digging up and replacing the intersection between the three roads and King Street.

It means that the junction will be closed while the work is taking place.

Yesterday (Monday) the council wrote to businesses and residents in the area warning them to expect disruption.

It said: “The four-way junction of Orange Street, Best Lane and King Street will be resurfaced in granite setts, with work expected to begin later this week.

“Surfacing on Orange Street and The Friars will follow in early October with a revisit in early November to lay a surface dressing similar to that laid in Palace Street.

“It will be necessary to close sections of the road in order to safely carry out the works.

“Diversion routes will be in place and will be signed carefully. Pedestrian access to properties and businesses will be maintained at all times throughout the works.”

The council added that it apologised for any inconvenience and that it would have an official on hand every day to answer any questions people may have.

It is funding the work with money made from increasing charges at its car parks.


  1. The so called Granite Setts are an inappropriate material for a Conservation Area and are fearfully expensive. Proper granite setts were laid in Sun Street some years ago, have an undulating surface and are square, so they do not overlap in a brick pattern like the ones now being used.

    By day and by night the ones used now stand out too prominently and compete visually with the materials of the historic buildings of the city centre. Look at their use at The Borough and Guildhall Street. How is it that our Heritage staff recommended that they were used? Worse still it is not just in this historic city that they are used.

    One reason to lay then rather than the proper granite setts is that they are easier for wheelchair users. If that is the case why not just the fine grit dressing on an asphalt surface used in adjacent areas? Also wheelchair users do not need to use every part of the width of a street.

    It is also worth noting that in spite of double yellow lines in the passing bays of Palace Street, for years cars are parked there in the evening and seem never to get a ticket.

    Didn’t any of our Councillors intervene to prevent this nasty paving extravagence? It is no excuse to say the money came from parking revenue. It is still cash from the people which should be spent with care. Strange that the reason the proposed Station Road West car park design was so ugly was lack of finance.

    Spending in this city is unaccountable. Will next spring’s elections bring Councillors who have their hands on the purse strings rather than seemingly tied behind their backs?

    I hope someone from the city council makes a response in The Journal.


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