Inspection shows Ashford hospital isn’t fit for purpose

William Harvey hospital

As a result of the East Kent Hospitals Foundation Trust threatening the author of this article with punitive action, this article has been removed.

The article did not breach patient or staff confidentiality. It was written to lay out the case for why Canterbury rather than Ashford would be the better choice for locating acute services in the future restructure of services.

The Canterbury Journal is an independent local news publisher and is sadly not in a position to defend itself from threats and intimidation from large organisations who seek to limit public scrutiny and debate.

The Journal will continue to encourage conversation and analysis of local issues.


  1. Excellent story .If Ashford not fit for purpose can you tell the idiots who want to move the stroke unit from QEQM to William Harvey . It means people will die but it seems they don’t care .

  2. If you speak to people in Ashford, they’re all convinced that the acute hospital with full A&E will definitely be going to Ashford, that they won’t lose their A&E, and that the Canterbury idea is a fantasy. It seems that local politicians assure them that the superhospital is a myth. Some in Canterbury are lobbying hard to ensure that Canterbury is where it will go, and many in the city belive that they can win the prize of local acute services. One of the two populations is being lied to – but which is it? People in Thanet know their fate – they are being shafted either way, losing their perfectly good stroke unit, and most likely losing full A&E and maternity services too. The smoke and mirrors of ‘option 1 and 2’ aims to keep the areas pitted against each other. Such a nasty game.

  3. Your headline makes it sound as if the A&E at Ashford has failed some sort of formal inspection. Reading the article, it sounds as you were shown around, which isn’t the same thing at all. I’m fairly sure you aren’t qualified to inspect or judge whether or not hospital units are ‘fit for purpose’; but please correct me if I’m wrong. If not, you might consider altering this headline, as it is extremely misleading.


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