Yes, you students bring in the dough – but it’s also your duty to behave

Canterbury's students are famous for partying (file pic)

Last night saw the burst of night time activity on the streets of Canterbury as the frantic Freshers’ Week celebrations kicked off.

Venues such as The Loft, Cuban, The Pound and Club Chemistry witnessed heavy traffic as students made the most of their time before proper studies begin.

Students bring in an estimated £909 million to the local economy – a large chunk of it spent on entertainment and going out.

But Canterbury City Council has warned them that they have a responsibility to behave and respect long term residents.

And some have already begun to complain about being disturbed by rowdy students.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “It is without doubt the case that the universities are crucial to our economy and our future growth and prosperity.

“Of course, this will be little comfort to people who have been disturbed by a noisy house party or revellers returning home from a night out, and we understand these concerns.

“Everyone must play their part in preventing or reducing any negative impact on people’s daily lives, and we work closely with the universities, student unions, landlords and residents’ groups to try and achieve this.

“Ultimately, though, responsibility for their behaviour must lie with the students themselves.

“Yes they’re away from home and enjoying their freedom for possibly the first time, and nobody is saying they shouldn’t have a good time, but these are people who are old enough to drive, vote and start a family, and we would urge them to think about and respect their neighbours and the wider community.”

The council says it is taking numerous actions in an effort to reduce disturbances caused by students.

These include promoting community safety alongside the police, attending freshers’ events to get its message across and going into heavily populated student areas to talk to students.

Properties identified as having problems with rubbish or noise will receive follow-up visits.

Concerned residents can also report noisy parties or anti-social behaviour to the universities themselves.

Alternatively, you can submit a report via the dedicated page on the council’s website.



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