Why Conservatives are sponsoring Canterbury Pride

The Pride Canterbury procession in St Peter's Street

by Greig Baker

Thinking back to my school days, I can remember my classmates being surprised to learn that historical figures like Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, and Oscar Wilde were all gay.

OK, so Oscar probably didn’t raise too many eyebrows… but it’s true to say that some people still make big assumptions about our past and current ties to all things LGBT+.

It’s the same with the Conservatives. Some people paint a picture of the Tories that is a million miles away from the truth.

In 2010 we elected more out MPs than all the other parties put together. In 2013 we introduced the Equal Marriage Act.

And you’ve probably seen the crowds that Ruth Davidson pulls at any Conservative event, anywhere.

Conservative chairman Greig Baker

Local Conservatives have also been on the organising committee for Pride Canterbury for years.

And in 2018, we will be stepping up a gear to be one of the headline sponsors. Pride Canterbury is the biggest Pride event in Kent and we want to keep doing more to support it and help people enjoy one of the best days in Canterbury’s calendar.

I have lived in Sydney, New York and London, and I have been to Prides in every one of them.

But I honestly believe that Canterbury is the best city in the world.

Where else can you be within walking distance of a vibrant nightlife, the spectacular North Downs, beautiful beaches, world-renowned universities and more good pubs than you can shake a stick at?!

The best thing about Canterbury, though, is the way our community combines a relaxed metropolitan culture and a historical rural setting.

That love of our local area is what we all have in common, whatever walk of life we come from. Pride Canterbury gives us all a chance to get together and celebrate the place and the people that we love – and have a party while we do it.

At the risk of sounding like I’m at some kind of political AA meeting, my name’s Greig and I’m a Conservative.

I think Conservative values are all about protecting people’s freedom to be who they are and to have the opportunity to help their family, friends and community. Pride sums a lot of that up for me.

I am proud of the local Conservatives who have helped arrange Pride Canterbury, I’m chuffed that we will be a headline sponsor this year, and I’m really looking forward to being on the Conservative stall on the main site.

I hope you’ll come over and say hello – and if you know someone who’s surprised to see us there, please tell them they shouldn’t be.

Greig Baker is chairman of the Canterbury Conservative Association


  1. A lot of misinformation in this: for instance, there is no evidence at all that Alexander the Great or Leonardo da Vinci were homosexuals, not a shred. If some Conservatives choose to support this campaign, including the chairman of the local association, then that is surely a choice for each of them, but it is wrong for Greig Baker to be allowed to present his own personal views as the views of Conservatives in general.


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