VIDEO: Baby primate born at Howletts

A male baby gelada has been born at Howletts

Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury has announced the birth of a baby primate.

A female gelada has given birth to a baby boy who is already venturing out and exploring his home.

The park in Bekesbourne is home to nine geladas, which are sometimes referred to as baboons but have in fact their own genus.

The youngster is already venturing out and exploring in the open topped habitat that the primates share with the black and white colobus.

Animal manager Matt Ford said : “This youngster is already strong and adventurous. We often see his mum holding on to his tail, to stop him disappearing or causing too much trouble.

“Gelada are native to Ethiopia, and are often found in large groups, grazing on the high plateaus. Although they are listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, their numbers are in decline due to habitat loss.”

Visitors to the wild animal park this Summer, will be able to see the baby gelada with its family in the open topped habitat, close to the Gatehouse.


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