Used heroin needles found next to Canterbury supermarket

Needles collected near the Sainsbury's store in Canterbury

Used heroin needles and other rubbish were collected during a community litter pick next to Sainsbury’s in Canterbury.

Cleaner Canterbury campaigners visited the supermarket at Kingsmead yesterday to clean an area next to it.

Among them were Clara Gawley, Beverley Paton, Prof Rick Norman and Sian Pettman, of the Friends of Kingsmead Field.

Sian said: “Thanks to everyone who came along. We cleaned up the vegetation next to the footpath owned by Sainsbury’s between their Kingsmead store and Northgate.

Rubbish collected by Sainsbury’s at Kingsmead

“We collected six sacks of litter and cigarette butts, and three used drug needles.

“We took four of the sacks to the customer services desk and asked to speak with the duty manager.

“He took a genuine interest in the issue, and we hope that this will be the beginning of a long-term dialogue about the problems of litter and drug needles on this path, and trolleys in the river.

“Having said that, we have tried on numerous other occasions to establish such a link and our attempts have come to nothing. So watch this space.”

Sian and her fellow volunteer litter pickers routinely clear areas of rubbish in Kingsmead and at Vauxhall. She also dons waders and enters the freezing River Stour to remove bulky items such as shopping trolleys and traffic cones.

Used needles are among the most dangerous pieces of litter to be found in Canterbury, which has a serious problem with intravenous use of heroin.

Anyone doing a litter pick is advised not to handle them as they may be contaminated with blood borne diseases.

Canterbury City Council is currently running a campaign to encourage residents to keep the district tidy. Information about litter and picking it up can be found on the council’s website.


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