Travellers leave field – and disgusting mess behind

Some of the rubbish left behind by travellers who camped at Kingsmead Field

A group of travellers who set up a temporary camp in Canterbury have moved on.

Late Wednesday afternoon some 15 vehicles arrived at the Kingsmead Field, prompting concerns among residents.

But Canterbury City Council said last night that the group had left the site.

The Kingsmead Field is looked after by a group of local volunteers who plant flowers and carry out community litter picks.

Co-ordinator Sian Pettman said: “The caravans have gone. Thank you to the enforcement officers who attended the field today and spent a long time talking with the inhabitants.

Travellers at Kingsmead Field on Thursday morning

“Quite a bit of litter has been left behind, notably a trolley and a sack in the river.

“Human excrement and soiled toilet paper in plastic bags have been left along the riverbank

“There were also three large gas cylinders, a computer screen and random sacks of rubbish and litter scattered across the back of the field.

“We understand that Serco will be clearing this tomorrow and that some kind of protective railing will be installed around the carpark as soon as possible.

“Hopefully some good will come out of all of this and we won’t have to face this situation again.”

The travellers had yesterday made promises that they would leave the field in a tidy condition.

They left last night and were tracked on CCTV leaving the area heading away from Canterbury.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “The travellers who set up camp at Kingsmead Field left have left the site.

“Our control room staff used CCTV to track them all of the way to the Rheims Way where they appeared to be heading to the London-bound A2.

“They have not been spotted in the district since.

“Officers will be checking the sit to see whether any cleaning is required.”


  1. Nice to see all that expensive technology and control room with staff used for this purpose . Is it possible that the same CCTV cameras and staff at the control room can see if it all works with graffiti vandals .


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