Show of solidarity after threatening anti-Muslim letter

The show of support outside the Canterbury Mosque

The Canterbury Mosque held a show of solidarity following the publication of a letter which threatened Muslims.

Police are looking into the letter which advocates a points-based system for acts of violence against Muslims.

Members of the mosque and their supporters gathered at the Giles Lane building yesterday to demonstrate their defiance.

Imam Ihsan Khan said: “Across the UK today we saw marches opposing this disgusting letter, we saw human chains being formed around mosques at prayer times and we saw members of the public offering to walk with vulnerable Muslims.

“At times like this I feel proud to say that I am a British Muslim. It is days like today that prove to the extremists both ISIS like and Britain First alike that no matter how much hatred they spread we the British citizens will not be divided, but rather times like this will only bring us closer.

“We do not know for sure who was responsible for the letter but I’m sure they are regretting their decision now.

“Not only did they bring communities closer, but they were responsible for numerous friendships being formed between the Muslims and non-Muslim communities.”

The show of solidarity included members of Ethnic Minority Independent Council and Candifa, the Canterbury Inter-Faith Association.

Although law enforcement is investigating the letter and the origin of tweets reading “#PunishAMuslimDay”, they do not believe there is a direct threat to Muslims.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: “At this time there is no credible information to suggest there is any criminal activity that will take place.

“We will be encouraging local faith and community networks to take part in a ‘#WeStandTogether’ campaign’.”

Mr Khan added that he wanted to thank Kent Police and the University of Kent’s security team for allowing Muslims to feel safe in the city.

He added: “Canterbury has always been a very tolerant place to live in and we hope that the Mosque can benefit the wider community whenever possible.”



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