VIDEO: Pulse for Europe hold anti-Brexit rally in central Canterbury

Pulse of Europe will protest in the Buttermarket today

The pro-European campaign group Pulse for Europe gathered in the Buttermarket this afternoon (Sunday).

The crowd was addressed by Professor Amelia Hadfield of the Centre for European Studies at Christ Church University.

Supporters highlighted the Erasmus programme as a particular EU benefit the UK looks likely to lose due to Brexit. The Erasmus programme allows participants to study at universities across Europe as part of their degree and is extremely popular with both foreign and domestic students.

As Canterbury has such a large student population, campaigners warn the effects may be felt by everyone from pub owners to taxi drivers.

Daniel Allen with daughter Grace, seven

Pulse for Europe organiser Sabine Voigt said: “We are standing for Europe.

“Europe is facing many challenges so we are supporting a democratic Europe.

“We need each other to stand together for a united Europe.”

Two young performers treated the crowd to an impromptu rendition of Ode to Joy before the group embarked on a short parade around the city centre.

Supporter Max Zoettl told the Journal: “We won’t be told our concerns don’t matter because the referendum went against us on the day.

“Theresa May has put us on a chaotic path which could lead to the greatest economic act of self-harm this country has known in recent history. As Jeremy Corbyn is unwilling or unable to mount an effective opposition it falls to grassroots groups like ours to keep up the pressure.”

The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019.



  1. I wil never understand why the major parties have failed to offer real leadership over the EU. Instead of blaming it for all our ills, they should have been ensuring the population was well informed about the way all the EU countries have worked together to ensure clean beaches, workers rights, food standards, health and safety, and so on. Leaving the EU leaves the UK poorer in more ways than just economically.


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