Police road checks identify more than 70 offences

Kent Police are investigating (stock image)

Kent Police carried out a road safety operation in Canterbury which identified more than 70 offences.

Officers set up in Broad Oak Road on Thursday, January 17 with any drivers suspected of committing an offence being pulled over close to the Booker’s premises.

Drivers were stopped and given warnings for various minor offences including broken lights.

Five people were reported for not wearing a seat belt while two drivers were stopped for speeding.

Those reported could now face a fine and points on their licence. One driver was also stopped for having no insurance and the car was seized.

Two tickets were handed to drivers whose vehicles showed two or more defects. They will need to be repaired.

PC Lisa Baldwin said: “It is important we carry out these checks as often as possible to promote road safety.

‘It’s not just about targeting motorists who may be driving dangerously or driving vehicles not fit for the road, it’s about educating all road users on their responsibilities.

“What might seem like a minor defect on your car could end up hurting more than just your pocket so take care to ensure your car is road worthy at all times.”

On Sunday, January 20 Kent Police teamed up with the Ministry of Defence to visit Canterbury’s Old Park, the wooded area behind the Poets Estate off Sturry Road once used as a training ground by soldiers.

They were attempting to prevent nuisance off-road motorbikes using the area.

Three people riding bikes were stopped and given words of advice and warned that if they return within a year the bikes can be seized and impounded by police under Section 59 of the Road Traffic Act.

PCSO Gavin Dodwell said: “Whether you are riding a moped, mini motorbike or quadbike, you must ride in a safe and legal manner. Make sure you have permission of the land owner if you are riding on land you don’t own and have consideration for other people using that area.”


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